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  • Episode 13: Author Chris Salisbury on the enchantment of night time hikes

    #13: Author Chris Salisbury on the enchantment of night time hikes In Episode 13, an invitation to go on a nocturnal excursion and experience the enchantment of night time in the forest. Today’s guest Chris Salisbury is the author of Wild Nights Out – The Magic of Exploring the Outdoors After Dark. It’s an inspiring,…

  • Episode 12: Naturalist Emily Stone

    #12: Naturalist Emily Stone on the wondrous interconnections hidden all around us In episode 12, naturalist Emily Stone Emily shares stories about the wonderous interconnectedness of plants and animals of the Northwoods, many hidden in plain sight. She also shares a really fun way you can see the natural world in an entirely new way…

  • Episode 11: Indigenous ethnobotanist Linda Black Elk on plant medicine

    #10: Indigenous ethnobotanist Linda Black Elk on plant medicine and the sentience of flora In episode 11, Linda Black Elk shares her transformative experience with and expansive knowledge of indigenous plant medicines and foods. As an indigenous ethnobotanist working at the intersection of plant medicine and food sovereignty, Linda shares her experience regarding the unacknowledged…

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Jesse Roesler is an Emmy and James Beard award winning content creator.

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