Episode 12: Naturalist Emily Stone

#12: Naturalist Emily Stone on the wondrous interconnections hidden all around us

In episode 12, naturalist Emily Stone Emily shares stories about the wonderous interconnectedness of plants and animals of the Northwoods, many hidden in plain sight. She also shares a really fun way you can see the natural world in an entirely new way with a UV light when you head out into the field and forest after dark. Emily is the education director at The Cable Natural History Museum in northern Wisconsin and writes a weekly column called Natural Connections, in which she transports readers into a magical world where nature is wilder than fiction. You can find an archive of Emily’s weekly column at: cablemuseumnaturalconnections.blogspot.com/ or you can purchase one or both of her Natural Connections books from any major bookseller. You can also listen to her column in podcast form by searching Natural Connections in Apple Podcasts or wherever you’re listening now.


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