Episode 10: Author Florence Williams explores your brain on nature

#10: Author Florence Williams explores your brain on nature, forest bathing, and micro-dosing awe

In Episode 10, an exploration of how immersion in nature literally changes our physiology and how micro-dosing awe can keep us more resilient against life’s mental and physical challenges. All of this from award winning journalist and author Florence Williams, whose books The Nature Fix and Heartbreak look at the actual science behind how time outside make us happier, healthier and more creative. In the Nature Fix, Florence travels the globe looking at how different cultures use nature experiences as a tonic in modern times and in Heartbreak, she goes into the wild in attempt to heal her own. Find Florence’s books and articles for Outside Magazine, The Atlantic and more at florencewilliams.com Photo courtesy Mikaela Hamilton Steinwedell.

Also today, an Open Air Diary from Marilyn who recounts a powerful memory of a childhood thunderstorm.


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