Episode 8: Poet Jim Zartman on looking for beauty and nature as medicine

#8 Jim Zartman on looking for beauty and nature as medicine for mind, heart, and body

In episode 8, searching for beauty as an emotional & spiritual practice, cold exposure to cure nearly all that ails you and how extended mileage in nature is medicine for the mind heart and body. All of this from author, artist, podcaster and enneagram coach Jim Zartman. Through his work as a coach, mentor, speaker & author, Jim helps individuals grow and self-actualize through the Art of Growth. To read a collection of Jim’s poems and essays visit jimzartman.com or look for his book “And I Would LIft You” on amazon.com – You can learn more about his enneagram coaching, discover your enneagram type and listen Jim’s insightful podcast The Art of Growth at theartofgrowth.org


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